Brief History

of Nobesco

Nobesco is an engineering company whose head office is located in Trois-Rivières. Projects led by Nobesco are spread all across the province. the whole team gets involved when it comes to large-scale projects. Our team of professionals is composed of engineers, managers and foremen with years of experience who are always on site during projects. Our mission is to provide an unparalleled service to all our clients, in addition to carrying on their work according to the rules of art.

Our Team

Mario Noel


Owner of Nobesco, he is the commander on the site. With more than 30 years of experience in civil engineering, he is in the best position to lead the implementation of projects. Mario is ambitious and hardworking; he is without a doubt the heart of the company.

Steve Bégin

Part Owner

Part Owner of Nobesco, Steve is tenderer and a very good negotiator when it comes to conclude a contract. 

Benoît Côté


Benoît obtained his diploma at Université Laval and works as a junior engineer for Nobesco.

Jean Philippe Lacroix

Project Manager and Signaling 

Jean Philippe is in charge of the signaling. He administers the signaling teams, designs roadworks and ensures their proper functioning.

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